Citroen C4 / Citroen C4 Owner's Manual / Familiarisation / Dashboard

1. Controls:

1. Controls:
• Mirrors.
• Windows.
• Child safety

2. Headlamp adjustment.

3. Controls:
• ESP.
• Parking assistance.
• Lane departure warning system.
• Anti-intrusion alarm.

4. Steering lock and ignition switch.

5. Controls:
• Windscreen wiper.
• Screen wash.
• Rear screen wiper.
• Trip computer.

6. Fixed centred controls.

7. Direction indicator warning lamps.

8. Speed indicator.

9. Controls:
• Trip mileage recorder reset button.
• Display lighting rheostat.
• Display of alerts and status of functions.

10. Centre air vents.

11. Driver’s airbag.

12. Horn.

13. Gear lever.

14. Handbrake.

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